Jew-country is allowed to threaten war-crimes openly
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2021-12-03 21:27:58 UTC
Israel Threatens Attack On Iran If Vienna Nuclear Talks Don't Go Its Way

jew-country has committed an uncountable number of crimes against humanity.

The existence of jew-country as a state is a crime against humanity.

The US is key.

jew country has the democrats because American jews own the democratic party.

jew country has republicans because they love jew-country breaking the bones of Ay-rabs more than they hate jew-nosed jew fuckers fucking up their country with the jews' vandal culture.

Within a generation the US is going to turn hostile to the "chosen people".
bozo de niro
2021-12-04 00:47:13 UTC
Back to your mother's basement congenital coward — ever find out who your daddy is S K?

Good luck, he's a congenital coward just like you.