100-year-old woman dies from injuries after purse stolen in UK. Not one single liberal demand for a purse stealing ban.
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Jim Acosta
2018-06-10 22:50:42 UTC
Seems hypocritical, doesn't it?


A man was arrested on suspicion of murder Thursday after a 100-
year-old woman died from multiple injuries -- including a broken
neck -- when her purse was stolen during a robbery on a street
in Britain, officials said.

Derbyshire Police said in a news release the 39-year-old man,
who has not yet been identified, was previously arrested on
suspicion of robbing 100-year-old Zofija Kaczan on May 28. He
was released and re-arrested on Thursday.

Kaczan suffered "multiple injuries" in the attack, including a
broken neck, as a result of the robbery, which happened at
around 8:45 a.m. in the town of Normanton, 125 miles north of

The 100-year-old died from her injuries on Wednesday, police

“This crime is absolutely horrific," said Detective Chief
Inspector Darren De'ath. "Mrs. Kaczan was a well-loved member of
the community and that she was targeted in this way is
Peter T. Daniels
2018-06-11 03:25:44 UTC
Post by Jim Acosta
Seems hypocritical, doesn't it?
Someone is pretty stupid. Purse-stealing is already banned.